Billing Systems Summary

American Professional Ambulance Service has a fully integrated accounts management system which provides timely and accurate data processing, billing, collection, and accounts receivable management. We are fully capable of responding immediately to all patients and third party payer inquiries regarding submission of insurance claims, dates and types of payments made, itemized charges, and other inquiries. American Professional shall conform to all billing and payment procedures as described in the Request for Proposal.

Our Accounts Management System is fully integrated within our dedicated local area network system. This system provides unparalleled efficiency, from data collection beginning in our Dispatch Center, through the invoicing process, to the completion of the billing process.

American Professional Ambulance Code Review is a data management system that manages data collected from defibrillators and monitors. Our staff can also offload data stored by the defibrillator and send it to headquarters for clinical QA/QI, or they can download it to our RescueNet ePCR . This Code Review also works seamlessly with Billing, so we can capture accurate charges for used supplies, prove medical necessity and automatically determine the level of care to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Rescue Net Billing helps deliver quicker receivable turnaround times with automated billing and instant claim monitoring. With Rescue Net Billing, we can verify the transport, audit the billing details and transmit claims with proper electronic standards to the payor. The data is also available for reporting, education, benchmarking, and performance analysis as soon as the information is entered. After the patient care report is created, the completed chart is sent electronically to your database where it’s added to the central patient record. The information is now available for billing.